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Check out our HUGE SELECTION of USA, European, Russian, Historic Flags in a wide variety of sizes and materials!
Click on a flag or flag name below to see size, material, price and add to your shopping cart.
Bennington Flags
Bennington Flag
Betsy Ross Flags
Betsy Ross Flag
Bonnie  Blue Flags
Bonnie Blue Flag
Britrish Red Ensign Flags
British Red Ensign Flag
Kings Colors Flags
Kings Colors Flag
Stars and Bars Flags
Stars & Bars Flag
Confederate Battle  Flags
Confederate Battle Flag
Second Confederaate Flags
Second Confederate Flag
Third Confederate Flags
Third Confederate Flag
Confederate Field Artillery Flags
Confederate Field
Artillery Flag
Gadsden Flags
Gadsden Flag
Bunker Hill Flags
Bunker Hill Flag
St George Cross Flags
St. George Cross Flag
Alamo Flags
Alamo Flag
General Lee's Headquarters Flags
General Lee's
Headquarters Flag
Grand Union Flags
Grand Union Flag
Fort Moultrie Flags
Fort Moultrie Flag
Lions and Castles Flags
Lions & Castles Flag
St Andrews Cross Flags
St. Andrews Cross Flag
Taunton Flags
Taunton Flag
Washington's Commander in Chief Flags
Washington's Commander in Chief Flag
Rhode Island Regiment Flags
Rhode Island
Regiment Flag
Gonzales Banner of 1835 Flags
Gonzales Banner
of 1835 Flag
Viking Banner Flags
Viking Banner Flag
Raven Flags
Raven Flag
Star Spangled Banner
Star Spangled Banner Flag

Union Civil War
(Ft. Sumter-33 star)
Union Civil War Flags
Union Civil War Flag

34 Star
Union Civil War Flags
Union Civil War Flag

34 stars in circle
Cavalry Flags
Cavalry Guidon Flag
French Fleur-De-Lis Flags
Fleur-De-Lis Flag
French Fleur-De-Lis Flags
Fleur-De-Lis Flag
23 Fleur-De-Lis Flags
23 Fleur -De-Lis Flag
Continental Flags
Continental Flag
Pine Tree Flags
Pine Tree Flag
General Freemont Flags
General Frémont Flag
Cowpens Flags
Cowpens Flag
Old Glory Flags
48 Star Flag
Gret Star Flags
Great Star Flag
Washington's Cruisers Flags
Washington's Cruisers Flag
Serapis Flags
Serapis Flag
Sons of Liberty Flags
Sons of Liberty Flag
Commodore Perry Flags
Commodore Perry Flag
Culpeper Flags
Culpeper Flag
Guilford Courthouse Flags
Guilford Courthouse Flag
First Navy Jack Flags
First Navy Jack Flag
Columbus Flags
Columbus Flag
Spanish Cross Flags
Spanish Cross Flag
Green Mountain Boys Flags
Green Mountain Boys Flag
California Republic Flags
California Republic Flag
Bedford Flags
Bedford Flag
Lord Baltimore Flags
Lord Baltimore Flag
Jolly Roger Flags
Jolly Roger Flag
Russian American Flags
Russian American Flag
Philadelphia Light Horse Flags
Philadelphia Light
Horse Flag
United East India Flags
United East India Flag
Georgia State Flags
1956-2000 Georgia State Flag
Georgia State Flags
2001-2003 Georgia
State Flag
NC Republic Flags
N.C. Republic Flag

The Evolution of Old Glory

A star is added to the USA flag on the Fourth of July following the admission of a state(s) to the Union. Beginning with the 13 star flag (1777-95) to the 49 star flag (1959-60), each of these are still a legal flag and entitled to the same respect as the current 50 star flag. Each of these durable outdoor Nylon flags are made with appliqued stars and sewn stripes.  Call or write for prices.

Old Glory Flag
15 Stars
Old Glory Flag
29 Stars
Old Glory Flag
45 Stars
All Miniature Rayon  4" x 6" Flags include a 10" black staff with gold spear.
Click on your favorite Historic flag to see if it is available in our handheld-desk top Rayon flags! Stands also available (see miniature flag page)

Flag Sets

A. SIX FLAGS OF TEXAS 6-flag set includes French, Spanish, Mexican, Stars and Bars, U.S. and Texas.
B. FLAGS OF OUR COUNTRY,10-flag set includes St. George Cross, Kings Colors, British Red Ensign, Continental, Gadsden, Grand UnionBetsy Ross, Bennington 76, Star Spangled Banner and Old Glory.
C. FLAGS OF THE CONFEDERACY, 5-flag set includes Stars and Bars, Stainless Banner, Third Confederate, Naval Jack and the Battle flag.
Historical Miniature Flag Sets
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