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We also carry decorative flag poles, flag pole kits and non-furling devices, so if you don't find what you're looking for here,
give us a quick call or drop us an email. Click Here to see our full line of Indoor Flags and Parade Poles and Accessories


Beautiful one-piece cone tapered flagpoles will enhance any commercial or residential establishment (see residential flagpoles below). Made of high strength seamless alloy tubing and brushed to a deep luster finish. Fittings include a gold anodized ball, single halyard-revolving truck, all necessary hardware, flash collar, ground sleeve, durable white halyard with snaps and installation instructions. Available in satin finish, anodized or bronze.  Call or write for more information. We also service and install flagpoles within a 100 mile radius of our Asheville, N.C. location!
  • Aluminum Flagpoles
  • Vertical Aluminum Wall Mount Flagpoles
  • Economy Vertical Aluminum Wall Mount Flagpoles
  • Outrigger Aluminum Wall Mount
  • Economy Aluminum Outrigger Wall Mount Flagpoles

    Our maintenance-free fiberglass flagpoles are finished with a brilliant white, precast, ultra-hard gel-coat finish that will not pit, corrode or rust. All flagpoles are fitted with a special designed revolving truck that allows the flag to follow the direction of the wind and fly perfectly. A redesigned gold finial sits atop the truck assembly.  Fittings include ground sleeve, hardware and anchoring rods, halyard, cleat, snaps, revolving truck, flash collar and gold finial. Also available in bronze. Call or write for more information on this exciting line of flagpoles!

    Fiberglass Flagpoles


    Anodized aluminum for durability and beauty that will last for years. Our most popular sectional flagpole includes a cast aluminum pulley assembly with 3" gold anodized ball, ground socket, halyard, cleat and installation instructions. Absolutely everything you need for your flag! Individually boxed.
    *15'  2" 2" $135.00
    *20' 2"  2" $149.00
    *20' 2.5"  2.5" $289.00
    25' 2 .5" 2 .5" $335.00
    20' 3" 2 " $359.00
    *Tapered look to flagpole


    Broward's Aluminum Telescopic flagpoles eliminate the halyard, and offer a unique Non-furling device that insures the flag will never wrap around the pole and will always fly freely with the wind. Our quality flagpoles are portable, will not rust and extend to full height in 10 seconds! Each pole includes a ground sleeve, 3" gold ball, installation instructions and all necessary attachment rings. Indicate your preference of white or clear silver finish in the comment section of the order form.
    Height  Color  Each
    20' Silver   $249.00 
    20' White   $259.00 
    20' Bronze   $259.00 


    Decorative 1" Diameter Banner Flagpoles

    Stop Flag Wrapping with 1" Diameter Spinning Flag Poles

    Non-Furling Flag Device

    Flagpole Kits

    Designed to be used with our decorative & college banners.

    5' Hardwood flagpole.......$10.95
    6' Hardwood flagpole.......$12.95
    5' White fiberglass..........$12.90
    6' White fiberglass.........$15.90

    Picture above features our 6 Ft. Fiberglass flagpole with ball ornament, white adjustable bracket, 1" Non-furling device and US 3'x5' Best Nylon with embroidered stars and sewn stripes.
    Click her for larger image5' 2-Pc White Aluminum Spinning Flag Pole with anti-wrap ring $19.95
    Add Mounting Bracket?

    Click her for larger image5' 2-Pc Brushed Aluminum Spinning Flag Pole with anti-wrap ring $17.95
    Add Mounting Bracket?

    Click her for larger image6' 2-Piece White Aluminum Spinning Pole with anti-wrap ring $21.95
    Add Mounting Bracket?

    Click her for larger image6' 2-Pc Brushed Aluminum Spinning Flag Pole with anti-wrap ring $19.95
    Add Mounting Bracket?

    Click her for larger image6' 2-Pc Oak Colored Aluminum Spinning Pole $26.95
    Add Mounting Bracket?

    Now your beautiful flag will fly free in the wind and never get tangled and wrapped around your pole!  Can be used with flags that have heading and grommets or pole hem (sleeve). Simple to install and comes with complete instructions.
    Device for 3/4" diameter pole...$11.50
    Device for 1" diameter pole......$12.95
    Device for 2" diameter pole......$19.50
    Our most popular set - perfect for any FLAG  with heading and grommets - 6' Aluminum Flagpole, Eagle, Bracket, Flag Fastners and Complete Instructions.......$9.95

    ADD: 3 'x 5' Cotton/Poly Printed US Flag to above kit ...$12.95

    ADD: 3' x 5' Sewn Nylon US Flag to above kit ...$27.90

    Click Here to see our full line of Indoor Flags and Parade Poles & Accessories

    Flagpole orders will be charged freight.

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